17 April This Day in History – Important and Special Events

History related questions are very important for all government recruitment exams and questions based on general awareness of history are often used in various competitive exams like UPSC IAS (Civil Services Exam), SSC, PSC, MPSC, Police Recruitment etc. History questions play an important role in competitive exams. Some important questions in history are listed below. Which will surely help you for your exam. Best wishes to you from IHMSHILL.ORG for your future life and exams.

17 April Important Events:

1698: On this day Aurangzeb captures Jinji fort.

1801: Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr receive the same number of votes in the US presidential election. The House of Representatives made Jefferson President and Burr Vice President.

1867: On this day, the first ship passed through Egypt’s Suez Canal.

1915: On this day Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi visited Shantiniketan.

1920: Prohibition comes into effect.

1927: The first play of the play ‘Randundubhi’ took place.

1933: Prohibition ends in the US.

1964: The US Supreme Court rules that all constituencies in the US Congress must be equally populated.

1996: Supercomputer Deep Blue loses to Garry Kasparov in chess.

2008: Kosovo declares independence.

17 April Birthdays / Anniversaries:

1782: Birth of freedom fighter Budhu Bhagat.

1854: Friedrich Krupp – German industrialist (died: November 22, 1902)

1874: Thomas Watson – American industrialist, i. B. M. Chairman of (IBM) (Died: June 19, 1956)

1899: On this day Jeevananda Das, the famous poet of Bengal, was born.

1954: Birth of Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

1963: Birth of Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder of Nvidia.

17 April Death / Death Anniversary / Memorial Day:

1600: Earth revolves around the Sun. There are many stars like the sun. Giordano Bruno was crucified and burned for his unbiblical heresy, which suggested that there were many Earth-like planets around them and that life could exist on them. (Born: ? ? 1548)

1881: Lahuji Raghoji Salve alias ‘Lahuji Vastad’ – Revolutionary, Social Worker (Born: ? ? 1811)

1883: Vasudev Balwant Phadke, a Merumani revolutionary, died at Aden while serving the black water sentence of the revolutionaries who took an armed stand against the British (Born: 4 November 1845)

1968: Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kailash Nath Katju dies.

1978: Purushottam Sivaram Rege – novelist, playwright, poet and critic (Born: 2 August 1910)

1986: J. Krishnamurti – Indian Philosopher (Born: 12 May 1895)

1988: Kapuri Thakur, the 11th Chief Minister of Bihar, died. (Born: 24 January 1924)

1994: Former Gujarat Chief Minister Chimanbhai Patel dies.

2017: Hindi writer Ved Prakash Sharma passed away.