19 December This Day in History – Important and Special Events

History related questions are very important for all government recruitment exams and questions based on general awareness of history are often used in various competitive exams like UPSC IAS (Civil Services Exam), SSC, PSC, MPSC, Police Recruitment etc. History questions play an important role in competitive exams. Some important questions in history are listed below. Which will surely help you for your exam. Best wishes to you from IHMSHILL.ORG for your future life and exams.

19 Important Events of December

1927: Revolutionaries Ram Prasad Bismil, Roshan Singh and Ashfaqullah Khan were hanged by the British government.
1941: World War II – Adolf Hitler becomes Commander-in-Chief of the German Army.
1961: The Portuguese-held provinces of Daman and Diu were annexed to India.
1963: Zanzibar gained independence from the United Kingdom and the monarchy of Sultan Jamshid bin Abdullah came into being.
1983: The FIFA World Cup was stolen from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2002: V. N. Khare served as the 33rd Chief Justice of India.
1961: Goa Liberation Day.

19 Born in December

1852: Birth of Albert Michelson, German-American physicist who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the measurement of light by spectroscopy. (Died: 9 May 1931)
1894: Birth of Padma Bhushan and nationalist industrialist Kasturbhai Lalbhai. (Death: 20 January 1980)
1899: Birth of Martin Luther King, a lifelong civil rights leader. (Died: 11 November 1984)
1906: Birth of Leonid Brezhnev, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Russia. (Death: 10 November 1982)
1919: Birth of character actor Omprakash Bakshi alias Omprakash. (Death: 21 February 1919)
1934: Birth of Pratibha Patil, the 12th and first woman President of India.
1966: Indian cricketer Rajesh Chauhan born.
1969: Birth of Indian cricketer Nayan Mongia.
1974: Birth of Australian cricket captain and batsman Ricky Ponting.

19 December Death

1848: English writer Emily Bront died. (Born: 30 July 1818)
1860: Death of Lord James Andrew Brown Ramsay – Dalhousie, Governor General of India. (Born: 22 April 1812)
1915: German neurologist Alois Alzheimer dies. (Born: 14 June 1864)
1927: Death of revolutionary Ram Prasad Bismil. (Born: 11 June 1897)
1927: Death of revolutionary Ashfaqula Khan. (Born: 22 October 1900)
1997: Dr. Freedom Fighter, Philosopher, President of Maharashtra State Board of Literature and Culture. Surendra Barlinge passed away. (Born: 20 July 1919)
1997: Sony co-founder Masaru Ibaku dies. (Born: 11 April 1908)
1998: Singer Janardhan Vitthal and J. L. Ranade passed away.
1999: Death of Ranji and Test cricketers, skilled sports organizers Hemchandra Tukaram and Bal Dani. (Born: 24 May 1933).
2014: Indian journalist and director S. Balasubramaniam passed away. (Born: 28 December 1935)

Other important and special events in the month of December

Architect of Indian Constitution Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar passed away. (Born: 14 April 1891)
Date: 6 December 1956

Establishment of SAARC Council.
Dated: 8 December 1985

First meeting of Constitutional Council in Delhi.
Dated: 9 December 1946

Establishment of UNICEF.
Dated: 11 December 1946

Birth of the great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. (Died: 26 April 1920)
Date: 22 December 1887

28 countries jointly established World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
Date: 27 December 1945

World AIDS Day.
Date: 1 December 1988

National Pollution Control Day.
Dated: 2nd December 1984

World Disability Day.
Dated: 3rd December 1992

Accessible India Campaign.
Dated : 3rd December 2015

Indian Navy Day.
Date: 4 December 1971

World Soil Day.
Dated: 5th December 2014

Human Rights Day.
Date: 10 December 1948

Establishment of UNHCR.
Date: 14 December 1950

Goa Liberation Day.
Date: 19 December 1961

Indian Consumer Day.
Date: 24 December 1986

Establishment of Muslim League.
Dated: 30th December 1906