20 January History: India and World History of Major Events

January 20th stands as a crucial date marked by significant events that have left an indelible mark on both India and the world. This day in history encapsulates a tapestry of impactful occurrences that have shaped societies, altered destinies, and contributed to the historical narrative in profound ways. In the annals of Indian and World history, January 20th has witnessed pivotal moments that have defined the nation’s trajectory. From landmark political decisions to cultural milestones, this date holds a repository of occurrences that have shaped India’s and the World’s identity.

January 20 is the 20th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are still 345 days left in the year (346 in leap years).

In America, the newly elected President is usually sworn in on January 20.

Major Events of January 20

1920 – The first constitution of Türkiye was adopted.

2008- Bollywood actor Devanand was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to Indian cinema.

Japan Airlines, Asia’s largest airline, filed to declare itself bankrupt. The total value of the company has come down to $150 million, which is less than the price of a new jumbo jet.

Cinematographer VK Murthy, who shot Guru Dutt’s films ‘Chaudhvin Ka Chand’, ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’ and ‘Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam’ etc., was selected for the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the year 2008. The Dadasaheb Phalke Award, instituted in 1969, was given to a cinematographer for the first time.

2011- Mobile number portability services started in India.

World History and Events of January 20

1841: Hong Kong Island is occupied by the British during the First Opium War. This marked the beginning of British colonization of Hong Kong, which lasted for over 150 years.

1942: The Wannsee Conference takes place in Berlin, where Nazi officials gather to discuss and finalize the “Final Solution” to the “Jewish question,” leading to the systematic extermination of Jews during the Holocaust.

1981: The Iran hostage crisis ends after 444 days, with the release of 52 American hostages held by a group of Islamist students. The crisis had strained relations between the United States and Iran and significantly impacted global politics.


1915 – Ghulam Ishaq Khan President of Pakistan
1926– Quratul Haider, Indian and Pakistani novelist
1940- Krishnam Raju, Indian actor and politician
1944 – Farhad Mehrad, Iranian musician


1988 – Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
2010- Eric Segal, American writer and novelist (Love Story)

Date Wise More Events of January Month

1 January17 January
2 January18 January
3 January19 January
4 January20 January
5 January21 January
6 January22 January
7 January23 January
8 January24 January
9 January25 January
10 January26 January
11 January27 January
12 January28 January
13 January29 January
14 January30 January
15 January31 January
16 January

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Why is January 20th significant in history?

January 20th holds significance due to the occurrence of pivotal events in both Indian and global history, shaping societies and influencing narratives.

Are there any particular events that stand out on January 20th in India?

Yes, notable occurrences range from political decisions to cultural milestones, each contributing to India’s historical identity.

How do events on January 20th intersect between India and the world?

The date often showcases connections between Indian and global historical events, revealing shared moments and influences.

Why do historical events on January 20th continue to be relevant today?

Understanding these events enriches our comprehension of the present, offering insights and lessons for contemporary society.