26 December History: India and World History of Major Events

December 26 holds a significant place in the annals of history, witnessing an array of remarkable events that have shaped both India and the world. This date reverberates with historical import, marking milestones and occurrences that have left enduring imprints on various facets of society, culture, and geopolitics. In understanding the historical tapestry woven on this day, it becomes evident how these events have sculpted the trajectory of nations, leaving a profound legacy for generations to come.

December 26 is the 360th day of the year (361st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are still 5 more days left in the year.

Major Events of December 26

1530 Mughal ruler Babar died in Dholpur area near Agra.

1606 Shakespeare presents his popular play King Lear for the first time at the court of King James I of England.

1666 Sikh religion Guru Gobind Singh was born.

1736 Andrew Michael Ramsay gave a speech in which he linked the heritage of Freemasonry and internationalism with the Crusades.

1748 France and Austria sign a treaty regarding the Southern Netherlands.

1773 Tea ships expelled from Philadelphia.

1776 George Washington defeats the Hessians at the Battle of Trenton in the American Revolutionary War.

1805 Austria and France signed the Treaty of Pressburg.

1805 Peace of Pressburg signed between France and Austria.

At the 1806 Battle of Golitsyn, Russian forces under General Golitsyn fought a successful rearmament against French forces under Marshal Murat.

1809 A British invasion forces the city of Vlissingen.

1854 Wood-pulp paper is first demonstrated.

1890 King Mwanga of Uganda signs contract with East Africa Company.

1893 Mao Zedong, founder and chairman of the Communist Party of China, was born.

1904 The country’s first cross country motorcar rally was inaugurated between Delhi and Mumbai.

1906 The world’s first feature film, The Story of the Cali Gang, is released.

1933 American engineer Howard Armstrong obtains a patent for FM radio.

1978 Former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi was released from jail.

In 1979, the Red Army of the former Soviet Union began its longest operation against an independent country by occupying Afghanistan.

1982 Time magazine declared Computer as ‘Man of the Year’.

1982 Time magazine’s Man of the Year award was given for the first time to a non-human computer.

1996 The largest strike in the history of South Korea begins.

2004 An earthquake measuring 9.3 on the Richter scale caused a tsunami that caused massive devastation in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Maldives and surrounding areas and killed 2,30,000 people.

2006 Australia’s great leg spinner Shane Warne created history by taking 700 wickets in international Test cricket.

2012 The world’s longest high-speed railway, built from China’s capital Beijing to Guangzhou city, was opened.

World History and Events of December 26

1776: Continental Army, led by George Washington, achieves a decisive victory against Hessian forces in the Battle of Trenton during the American Revolutionary War.

1793: Second Battle of Wissembourg: France defeats Austria, a key event in the French Revolutionary Wars.

1941: Winston Churchill becomes the first British Prime Minister to address a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress, bolstering Allied morale during World War II.

1943: German warship Scharnhorst is sunk by Royal Navy forces in the North Cape, a significant naval victory for the Allies.

1944: American General Patton’s Third Army breaks the siege of Bastogne, rescuing encircled U.S. troops during the Battle of the Bulge.

2004: The devastating Indian Ocean tsunami triggered by a massive earthquake, impacting coastal regions from Indonesia to Africa, resulting in over 200,000 fatalities.


1899: Udham Singh
1914: Baba Amte
1926: Tarakeshwari Sinha


1530 Babar / Male / Ruler / India
1966 Gopi Chand Bhargava / Male / Politician / India
1976 Yashpal / Male / Writer / India
1999- Shankardayal Sharma / Male / Politician / India
2011 S. Bangarappa / Men / Politician / India

Date Wise More Events of December Month

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Why is December 26 significant in history?

December 26 marks numerous pivotal events globally, including historic occurrences in India, shaping socio-political landscapes.

What cultural festivals are celebrated on December 26?

Various festivals like Kwanzaa, commemorations in India like the Kisan Diwas, and others are observed on this day.

How do historical events impact contemporary society?

Understanding historical events offers insights into present-day ideologies, societal structures, and global relationships.

Are there any ongoing traditions related to December 26 events?

Several cultural traditions and commemorations related to historical events persist, maintaining their relevance today.