27 March This Day in History – Important and Special Events

History related questions are very important for all government recruitment exams and questions based on general awareness of history are often used in various competitive exams like UPSC IAS (Civil Services Exam), SSC, PSC, MPSC, Police Recruitment etc. History questions play an important role in competitive exams. Some important questions in history are listed below. Which will surely help you for your exam. Best wishes to you from IHMSHILL.ORG for your future life and exams.

World Day:

  • World Theater Day

27 March Important Events:

1667: Netaji Palkar, who defected to Shivaji Maharaj and went to the Mughals, was forcibly converted.

1668: Charles II of England handed over the Bombay province to the British East India Company.

1794: The US Navy is founded.

1841: The first successful test of a steam-powered railway engine was conducted in New York County.

1854: Crimean War – England declares war on Russia.

1855: Canadian physician Abraham Gessner discovers samples of kerosene.

1871: The first international rugby match was played between two nations, Scotland and England.

1893: Keshavsuta wrote Tutari, a poem.

1958: Nikita Khrushchev becomes President of Soviet Russia.

1961: The first World Theater Day was celebrated in the year.

1966: On March 20, a stolen World Cup football trophy was found by a dog named Pickles in a garden in South London. Then the cup was stolen again in 1983, it has not been found till date.

1977: Pan Am and K on the runway on the island of Tenerife. L. M. 583 people were killed when these two Boeing 747 aircraft collided.

1992: Renowned singer Pandit Bhimsen Joshi conferred with the Tansen Award by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

2000: Film producer-film director b. R. Rashtrabhushan Award announced to Chopra by Phi Foundation.

2001: Lt Gen Hariprasad took over as the head of the Forward Corps.

2004: NASA, an American research organization, developed X-43, the fastest unmanned jet aircraft.

27 March Birthdays / Anniversaries:

1785: Louis (Seventeenth) – King of France (died: 8 June 1795)

1845: Wilhelm Röntgen – Nobel Prize-winning German physicist (died: February 10, 1923)

1863: Birth of Henry Royce, founder of Rolls-Royce Limited. (Died: 22 April 1933)

1901: Carl Barks – cartoonist who drew Donald Duck to worldwide popularity for nearly three decades (died: August 25, 2000)

1915: Birth of Pushpalata Das, Indian freedom activist, social activist, Gandhian and MLA from the northeastern Indian state of Assam.

1917: Birth of Indian poet Kamakhi Prasad Chattopadhyay.

1923: Birth of famous anthropologist and feminist scholar Leela Dubey.

1939: Birth of Indian politician Banwari Lal Joshi.

1954: Birth of Hemant Joshi, Professor of Mass Communication and Journalism.

1990: Indian field hockey player Harbir Singh Sandhu’s birthday.

1898: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Indian educationist and social reformer.

1915: Death of the great Indian revolutionary Pandit Kanshiram.

1952: Kaiichiro Toyota, founder of Toyota Motor Company, dies. (Born: 11 June 1894)

1967: Nobel Prize-winning Czech chemist Jaroslav Herovsky dies. (Born: 20 December 1890)

1968: Yuri Gagarin, Russia’s first cosmonaut to orbit the Earth.

1992: Prof. Sharachchandra Vasudev Chiramule, Marathi Literary, Principal, Garware College of Commerce.

1997: Bhargavaram Achrekar, Marathi theater singer-actor.

2000: Hindi film actresses Vera Sundar Singh and Priya Rajvansh were murdered at Chetan Anand’s bungalow in Ruia Park, Mumbai.