8 January History: India and World History of Major Events

January 8th, a date etched in the annals of history, holds profound significance in both India and the world. As we traverse through time, this day unfolds a tapestry of events that shaped political landscapes, cultural milieus, and individual destinies. Let’s embark on a journey through the historical labyrinth of January 8th, unraveling the tales of bygone eras.

January 8 is the 8th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are still 357 days left in the year (358 in leap years).

National Day – Norway

Major Events of January 8

1997 – Establishment of Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University.

2010- The 72-storey hotel named ‘Rose Rehan’ of Rotana Company, a hotel management company of Dubai, was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest hotel in the world. This hotel is 333 meters high. It has 482 rooms.

World History and Events of January 8

871 – Battle of Ashdown – Saxon King Alfred the Great and his brother, Aethelred I, defeat Viking invaders in a pivotal battle for England’s future.

1815 – Battle of New Orleans – Despite the war’s official end, American General Andrew Jackson leads a decisive victory against British forces, solidifying his national hero status.

1959 – Charles de Gaulle elected President of France – Marking the beginning of the Fifth Republic era and a new chapter in French politics.

1972 – Release of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman – Pakistani President Bhutto frees the Bengali leader imprisoned after declaring Bangladesh’s independence, paving the way for the new nation’s formation.

1973 – Watergate Scandal – Trial of seven men involved in the Democratic Party headquarters break-in begins, igniting a political crisis that would eventually bring down President Nixon.

1997 – Monaco celebrates 700th anniversary of Grimaldi rule – Principality marks seven centuries under the dynasty that established and continues to govern the country.

2001 – Apple introduces iTunes – This revolutionary media player application, alongside the later debut of the iPod, transforms the music industry and paves the way for digital music dominance.


1902 – Carl Rogers
1909 – Ashapurna Devi
1925 – Mohan Rakesh, litterateur
1929 – Saeed Jafri
1939 – Nanda film actress
1942 – Stephen Hawking (d. 2018)
1983 – Kim Jong Un


1536 – Catherine of Aragon
1642 – Galileo Galilei
1884 – Keshavchandra Sen
1994 – Chandrashekharendra Saraswati
1932 – Antoni Maria Alcuve e Sureda
1956 – Manilal Doctor
1976 – Zhou Enlai
1995 – Madhu Limaye

Date Wise More Events of January Month

1 January17 January
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4 January20 January
5 January21 January
6 January22 January
7 January23 January
8 January24 January
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What is special on 8th January in India?

On January 8th, National JoyGerm Day annually reminds people across the country that by being positive and treating people with kindness, they can influence those around them and pass that positive attitude on to others.

What important event happened on jan 8?

In 1918, US President Woodrow Wilson issued his Fourteen Points speech to be used for peace negotiations to end World War I. In 1959, Charles de Gaulle was inaugurated as president of France’s Fifth Republic. In 1973, the Soviet Union’s unmanned space mission Luna 21 was launched to study the surface of the Moon.

What happened on January 8th black history?

On January 8, 1811, a slave revolt led by Charles Deslondes swept Destrehan’s Plantation. The insurrection began at the plantation of Manuel Andry in St. John the Baptist Parish.