9 December History: India and World History of Major Events

December 9th, a date etched in the annals of history, has witnessed a myriad of significant events that shaped both India and the world. As we delve into the historical tapestry of this day, we uncover a rich mosaic of political milestones, cultural celebrations, scientific breakthroughs, and much more. On this day in Indian history, several pivotal moments have unfolded. From political shifts to cultural landmarks, December 9th has played a crucial role.

December 9 is the 343rd day of the year (344th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are still 22 more days left in the year.

Major Events of December 9

1625 – Signing of military treaty between Holland and England.
1762 – The British Parliament accepted the Treaty of Paris.
1873 – His Excellency George Baring, Viceroy and Governor General of India, laid the foundation stone of ‘Mure College’.
1898 – Belur Math established.
1910 – French forces capture the Moroccan port city of Agadir.
1917 – British forces under the leadership of General Allenby captured Jerusalem.
1924 – Signing of trade treaty between Holland and Hungary.
1931 – Japanese army attacked Jehol province of China.
1941 – China declared war against Japan, Germany and Italy.
1946 – The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly was held in the Constitutional Hall, New Delhi.
1947 – The French labor union ended the strike and started talks with the government.
1992 – Prince Charles and Princess Diana formally announce their separation.
1998 – Russia conducted non-revolutionary nuclear test in the Arctic Sea,
1998 – Australian cricket players Shane Warne and Mark Waugh admitted to taking bribes from an Indian bookie on Pakistan cricket in 1994.
2000 – The status of South Korea was increased from developing country to developed country.
2001 – United National Party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe took oath as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka;
2001 – Northern Alliance plane crashes in Taliban, 21 dead.
2002 – John Snow became the new Finance Minister of America.
2003 – Six people died and many were injured in an explosion in the central part of Moscow in Russia.
2006 – Pakistan tested nuclear capable medium-range missile ‘Hatf-3 Ghaznavi’.
2007 – Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto announced to end all relations with the Pakistani government.
2008 – ISRO built a satellite for Europe’s renowned satellite system specialist EADM Astraeus.
2012 – Seven people died in a plane crash in Mexico.
2013 – Seven killed and 63 injured in a train accident near Bintaro in Indonesia.
2018 – Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu inaugurated the new district Shi Yomi in the state. This district was created by dividing the Western Siang district of the state.

World History of December 9

1824 – The Battle of Ayacucho takes place in Peru, resulting in the defeat of the Spanish royal army and the independence of Peru and other South American countries.

1948 – The United Nations General Assembly adopts the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, aimed at preventing and punishing acts of genocide throughout the world.

1979 – The World Health Organization announces the eradication of smallpox, a significant milestone in public health history. This achievement was the result of a global vaccination campaign that began in 1967.

1990 – Lech Wałęsa, the leader of the Solidarity movement in Poland, wins the country’s first direct presidential election. This marked a major victory for democracy in Poland following the fall of communism.

2005 – Brokeback Mountain, a film exploring same-sex love in the American West, premieres in New York City. The film went on to win three Academy Awards and sparked important conversations about LGBTQ+ rights.


1999- Utkarsh Srivastava – Youth leader of Bharatiya Janata Party.
1484 – Saint Surdas – great poet.
1825 – Rao Tula Ram – a prominent leader of the Sepoy Mutiny in Rewari district of Haryana.
1870 – Dr. AI S Shrudhar’s hospital in Vellore.
1889 – Chandranath Sharma – The first non-cooperator of Assam state and one of the founders of Congress in Assam.
1913 – Homi Vyarawala – India’s first female photojournalist.
1918 – Kushwaha Kant – India’s famous novelist and playwright.
1922 – Redd Foxx, American comedian (Sanford & Son) (d. 1991)
1929- Raghuveer Sahay, Hindi litterateur and journalist.
1945 – Shatrughan Sinha – Famous actor of Hindi films.
1946 – Sonia Gandhi – wife of famous Indian politician and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.
1972 – Fabrice Santaro – French tennis player
[1950| 1970]] Anand Maysut – India’s great educationist, environmentalist


1761 – Tarabai – daughter of Shivaji, Pune.
1997 – K Shivaram Karanth, renowned Kannada language litterateur.
2007 – Trilochan Shastri – Famous poet of progressive poetry stream.
2009 – Ustad Hanif Mohammad Khan, Indian tabla player
1971 – Mahendranath Mulla – one of the brave officers of the Indian Navy.

Important Occasions and Celebrations

international anti corruption day
Girl’s Day (India)
All India Handicraft Week (08-14 December)

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Is December 9th a significant day in global history?

Yes, December 9th holds historical significance with events spanning various domains.